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Ted Aloisio: Live Cell Microscopist and Blood Analyst

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | November 5th, 2018 | Blog

The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic is excited to welcome back certified nutritional microscopist, blood analyst, and electro dermal technician, Ted Aloisio!


Ted is the owner of Veritas Health and has been practicing live cell microscopy for the last 17 years. Ted is also certified in food sensitivity testing, saliva hormone testing and blood typing. Through his research and testing, patients can learn more about their possible food sensitivities, hormones, heavy metal exposure, blood type, and more. Ted’s extensive expertise and knowledge about analysing blood samples has delivered patients incredible insight about their well-being.


Live Cell Microscopy Testing


Ted’s live cell microscopy test examines the blood to give patients a more accurate idea about their state of health. Traditional blood tests examine dead blood cells, while the visual approach of live cell microscopy tests the blood while the cells are still alive. The results are immediate, which also adds to the depth and amount of information that can be received.


During the test, a drop of blood is painlessly extracted from the patient’s finger. It is then placed on a slide and viewed under a specialized microscope. The test provides information to patients about the following:


1. Free radical damage and the importance of antioxidant protection

2. Blood cell size and shape abnormalities

3. Mineral deficiencies

4. Liver and/or kidney stress

5. Debris from microorganisms like bacteria and parasites

6. Undigested fat and protein in the digestive system

7. Digestive disturbances

8. Hormonal imbalances


Food Sensitivity Testing


This test shows whether patients have sensitivities to different chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins, yeasts, fungi, moulds, and common allergens found in foods. Food sensitivity testing assesses 300 of the most common food sensitivities.


Bio-Assess Testing


The Bio-Assess test examines any internal disturbances in the body such as collagen levels, eye-testing, vitamin levels, and Rheumatoid bone disease. The test allows for a holistic treatment approach, so patients can learn about their health issues and motivate themselves to pursue a better quality of life.


Contact the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic today to learn more Ted Aloisio and see how live cell microscopy and blood analysis can change your life!

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