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Reasons Winter Is the Best Time to Get an Infini Facelift

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | February 11th, 2020 | Blog

Some people still believe the myth that you should not undergo skincare treatments during the winter, when in fact, it is the best time to have these procedures done! Weaker and less sun exposure during the winter means your skin will be less sensitive as you undergo laser or microneedling treatments and as your skin heals. Since you’re indoors more often, your skin can safely recover and gradually begin to improve, so by the time spring arrives, you’ll have that fabulous glow. Here are some important reasons why winter is the best time to get the Infini non-surgical facelift.


Winter Is the Best Time to Get an Infini Facelift


Why Winter Is the Best Time to Get the Infini Facelift


More Time to Plan Ahead


One concern of many patients seeking the Infini facelift is that they want their recovery to be done in private. It is a personal decision to seek skincare improvements and anti-aging procedures, so planning your procedure and recovery time when you’re on holidays or spending most of your time at home lets you take advantage of this privacy. Winter is the ideal time for the Infini facelift because you’ll likely be spending more time at home after the holiday season. By the time spring comes, your results will be ready to showcase.


Speedy Recovery


Although there are a variety of options for laser facelift treatments, the Infini treatment goes deep to deliver noticeable, long-standing results. Instead of needing multiple surface treatments to get results, the Infini treatment produces results after three sessions, one month apart. The healing process lasts about three to seven days, and the skin may lightly peel as it naturally removes the dead skin cells.

Since most people stay inside during winter and relax on evenings rather than go out, it’s easier to protect the delicate healing skin from the elements. Healing can happen sooner because your body isn’t fighting against sweltering heat and burning sun as it recovers. The cooler temperatures lead most people to stay indoors, keeping them safe from harsh weather and UV rays.


Limited Sun Exposure


During the long, cold winter, chances are you won’t be spending much time outdoors. This is a good thing if you want to get the Infini facelift in the winter.

Prolonged sun exposure after Infini treatments should also be avoided, which is why winter is the ideal time to have this treatment done. You can wear hats, scarves, and other protection on your face and neck when you go outdoors, and sun exposure will be minimal. After a treatment session, the skin will be more sensitive and susceptible to skin-damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.


How Infini Facelift Works


If going under the surgical knife seems too invasive for you, the Infini RF procedure is the perfect alternative. It works by sending high-intensity focused radio frequency into the skin, bypassing the epidermis and delivering the treatment straight to the dermis where problems lie. It also treats wrinkles and fine lines, skin tone, texture, acne scars, and more. It is ideal for treating sagging skin, crow’s feet, upper lip, jaw line, neck and décolleté.


Benefits of Infini Facelifts


  • Stimulates Collagen: The Infini facelift delivers direct energy deep into the problem areas, stimulating the growth of collagen. Collagen helps tighten your skin tissue and improve elasticity for a more youthful appearance. It also encourages the body’s natural healing process to rejuvenate the skin, especially areas that have endured damage.
  • Treats Multiple Skin Issues: Although you may be seeking treatment for anti-aging and face lifting, you get a lot more when you choose Infini. Infini is one treatment that provides solutions for multiple skin conditions. Some benefits include skin tightening, minimizing acne scars, repairing sun damage, restoring skin’s youthfulness, and improving tone and texture.
  • Minimal Downtime: Since there is no cutting or shifting around with surgery, the Infini has effective results without the long recovery time. It is safe, gentle and can be used on sensitive skin types. The patients may only experience minor discomfort from the treatment, but that will pass shortly after the treatment session. Any reactions from the treatment are temporary and will heal within a week.
  • Quick and Simple: When you want to improve your skin, you don’t want to spend hours in the doctor’s seat and days in bed recovering. The Infini procedure is quick and simple—the sessions last about 90 minutes (45 minutes for numbing and 45 minutes for the actual treatment). With three to five treatments, the results will be optimal! Maintenance is recommended every six to twelve months.


Visit Anti Aging Toronto Clinic for an Infini Non-Surgical Facelift


If you’re seeking a way to enhance, shape and smooth your skin, and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and other imperfections, the Infini RF treatment is the solution for you. At the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic, we can help you treat your skin, risk-free. When you book your appointment during the winter, you can get even better results as your healing skin will be protected from the elements.

Our procedure is performed by our team of nurses, medical aestheticians and specialists, so you can trust us to provide effective and safe results. Serving our GTA clients, we pride ourselves on our use of the latest clinical methods to provide anti-aging skin treatment in Toronto, and effective body care that our clients deserve. To learn more about the procedure or to book your appointment today, call us at (416) 546-4664, or e-mail us at Our skincare specialists can also offer you a tour of our Toronto facilities and answer any of your questions.

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