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Non-Surgical Facelift in Toronto

Non-Surgical Facelift Procedure

A facelift is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that tightens the skin on the face to eliminate wrinkles. However, there is an extensive recovery period following facelift surgery, and it may cause scarring as well. Anti Aging Clinic offers a non-surgical facelift in Toronto for patients who want to enjoy the benefits without going under the knife.

We employ radio frequency (RF) for a non-surgical facelift in Toronto. It’s a gradual process that avoids any invasive procedures typically associated with facelift surgery and it’s gradual, so you won’t have to worry about hours of surgery followed by weeks of recovery. The procedure can also be used for double-chin reduction treatments. No matter what you come in for, we offer treatments that fit with your schedule.

Following a facelift, you can expect to spend at least two to three weeks recovering. With our RF non-surgical facelift in Toronto, there’s little to no recovery time and the risk of complications is minimal. You should be aware that it will require multiple treatments in order to see any lasting results and your skin may initially take on a pinkish appearance, but this typically only lasts for two hours. However, given what can happen following a conventional facelift, these are only minor inconveniences.

When we perform a non-surgical facelift in Toronto, we use only the latest FDA-approved technology to ensure that our clients receive safe and effective treatment. To see the best results, we recommend having eight weekly procedures performed.

Facial Skin Tightening

With the high risk involved with facelifts, many hoping to reverse the signs of aging are looking for safe alternatives. We offer facial skin tightening using a RF non-surgical procedure. This treatment is also highly effective for double-chin reduction treatments.

As we grow older or lose weight, loose and sagging skin can become an issue; even if you are not overweight, it can still give you the appearance of having a double chin. Our RF treatment is also highly effective in tightening loose skin.

Whether you want to have a facelift or reduce double chins, our procedures will fit within your busy lifestyle; it only requires eight 15-minute weekly treatments, or you can double up your treatments to 25 minutes. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll erase years from your features without the risks! Contact Anti Aging Clinic today for more information!

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