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Melasma Removal Treatment Toronto

What is Melasma?


Melasma is a skin condition that causes dark and tan skin discolourations on the upper cheeks, upper lip, nose, lip, and forehead. It is also known as the “mask of pregnancy,” since it particularly affects pregnant women. As the top provider of melasma removal in Toronto, Anti Aging Clinic provides painless services for removing these unsightly blemishes and restoring your confidence.

Melasma is caused by an excess of skin pigmentation due to hormones, hence why it typically affects pregnant women. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you may be susceptible as well. Our melasma removal treatment will get rid of all traces, but we also recommend covering up and wearing sunscreen outdoors.

Individuals with thyroid disease also may develop melasma. This skin condition typically develops over time, which is why we recommend undergoing melasma removal quickly if you spot the skin discolorations associated with it.

Addison’s disease can also cause melasma, and while it can go away on its own, it often won’t. That’s why we we offer effective melasma removal, which will help you assure it will be gone for good, provided you take the proper precautions, such as limiting your exposure to the sun.

How to Cure Melasma


We provide effective melasma removal in Toronto, but be aware that you’ll not be able to remove melasma on one session; it typically takes up to 10 treatments, about a week apart, to remove the blemishes. However, our effective treatments will completely remove melasma and leave your skin looking as good as new.

We offer two treatments for melasma:


1. Laser spectra peel
2. Laser toning

The first is our laser spectra peel, which typically takes two hours. If you’re looking for a treatment that takes a little less time, our laser toning procedure only takes 30 minutes. Both treatments use specialized lasers to effectively reduce the look of the skin blemishes associated with melasma and our experts will be able to recommend the treatment that is best for your skin condition.

The treatments will break up the dense pigmentation that melasma causes and provide deep, lasting results, with your body excreting the excess melanin naturally. There’s no downtime, and best of all, it’s a very comfortable procedure to undergo.

We will prepare you for the treatment using microdermabrasion and lotions prior to the laser spectra peel being performed. It’s an outpatient procedure you can undergo on a lunch break or can take part of a day off for.

Regain your sense of confidence and remove unsightly melasma blemishes with Anti Aging Clinic’s effective laser skin treatments!

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