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Makeup and Skin Care Tips for Acne

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | January 28th, 2016 | Blog

makeup tips for oily skinSkincare products do more than just keep you looking young and vibrant. For those with more oily skin, the right makeup regime can protect you from acne and reduce your likelihood of suffering an outbreak. However, employing the wrong products could either do nothing or potentially even make acne more prominent and distinct. Here is a small guide for you can find the right treatments for keeping your oily skin acne-free.




A number of acne treatments contain ingredients capable of drying out the skin as they attempt to eliminate excess oil. This can end up leaving you acne-free, but also with angry, red, and dry patches. Consequently, moisturizers should be employed to help keep your skin nourished and supported throughout the process.


When selecting a moisturizer, you will want something that lacks oils or grease. These substances can increase the likelihood of outbreaks on already-oily skin, so you don’t want to give your pores any extra chances to clog up. Avoid moisturizers that list cocoa butter, mineral oil (or other oils), or cold cream among the ingredients. Ideally, you will want a product with ingredients such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid since these are lighter substances that can help the skin retain moisture. Pay special attention to anything labelled “non-comedogenic,” which is a formal way of saying it doesn’t clog pores.




The redness of sunburn may be able to hide acne, but it should go without saying that this is an inadvisable method of concealment. Much as with moisturizers, you should be looking for non-comedogenic products and avoiding greasier sunscreen varieties. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher will offer the protection that you need. Although lotion or powder-based sunscreens can be used, your best bet is to go with gel- or spray-based sunscreens. When checking ingredient lists, pay special attention to how close water is to the top of the list and try to get sunscreen that is water-based. For some extra anti-acne action, look for titanium dioxide, silica, and zinc oxide—these can absorb oil in addition to contributing to sun protection.




Whether you are looking for regular eye shadow or are aiming for a blush that can cover up an existing pimple or blemish, makeup can play a big role in how you treat your acne. As before, non-comedogenic products are particularly important since you don’t want your attempt to cover up a pimple end up causing further outbreaks. Much as with sunscreen, minerals and water are your friend and you should lean towards makeup that has water listed as the first ingredient. When going for cleansers, make use of gel-based (soapy) varieties to better strip away any excessive oil.


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