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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe During the Summer?

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | May 31st, 2016 | Blog

laser hair removal clinic TorontoLaser hair removal is one of many options available to those who want to make sure they look their best this summer when it comes time to hit the sands in a swimsuit. However, although summer is when the effects of laser hair removal are most easily seen, there is some confusion about whether actually getting laser hair removal done during the summer is a good idea. Fortunately, this is a myth that is easily cleared up so you can make a properly informed decision about what you want for your skin.

Understanding the Myth

Laser hair removal is an extremely safe process that targets the melanin pigment inside a hair follicle. Since melanin is dark, it absorbs the light of the laser faster and heats up quicker than the surrounding skin, allowing the follicle to be neutralized without broader harm. Due to the reliance on the surrounding skin being lighter than the pigment of the follicle, tanned skin is less receptive to laser hair treatments than untanned skin. This has led to common pieces of advice such as don’t lie out in the sun or go tanning in general for about 72 hours before your laser hair removal session. You can still get laser hair removal if you’re tanned, just like people with dark skin can undergo removal treatments, but the difference is that it may be less effective than if you were in an untanned state. Over time, confusion and distortion arose, which changed “sun exposure beforehand can make the treatment less effective” into “can make the treatment dangerous.”


The Truth About Laser Hair Removal


As you might have been able to guess, the truth is laser hair removal is just as safe to do in the summer as it is during any other time of the year. Getting indulgent with the sun exposure can make a treatment less effective and clinics won’t treat a sunburned area of skin, but there is nothing more dangerous about this time of year that you need to worry about.
Having said that, being safe during the summer and being strategic during the summer are two different matters. Laser hair removal takes several treatments, spaced weeks apart, to achieve full effect since only hairs currently in the growth phase can be affected. This means that if your laser hair removal goals are focused around showing off in a swimsuit, earlier treatments maximize the amount of time you have to enjoy your new look.


A Few Extra Tips


When looking for the best laser hair removal experience, keep these pieces of advice in mind to ensure you get the best, most effective treatment outcome possible.

• Let your skin care technician know about your summer plans. This will help them determine the best treatment schedule that avoids overlapping with any days you plan on spending lots of time in the sun.
• Laser treatments operate by heating up the hair follicle and this heat is retained for several hours following a treatment. Avoid hot showers, tight-fitting clothes, or other sources of added heat in the immediate aftermath of a treatment.
• The treated area should be kept out of direct sunlight for two weeks following each treatment. Use a combination of sunscreen and shade if you go outside.
• Above all, don’t forget to be yourself. Laser hair removal doesn’t require any major lifestyle changes, so you should still enjoy summer to your heart’s content

The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic prides itself on using the latest clinical methods to give clients the beauty they deserve. We support our clients being able to make the right, informed decisions about laser hair removal and strive to provide the best laser treatments in Toronto. Feel free to contact us by phone at 416-546-4664 or by email at info@AntiAgingToronto.ca to ask any questions. Our skin care specialists can also offer you a tour of our Toronto facilities.

With an MBA in computer science, Silvia started out in the IT field with proven success working on strategic initiatives with executive leaders to align an organization’s culture, capabilities, and structure, with business strategies. This career has lead her to a business path founding the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic in 2012. Silvia now holds a diploma in medical esthetics with interests in anti-aging skincare, evening out skin tone and texture, scalp hair regrowth, body contouring and laser hair removal treatments. Silvia believes in the importance of building open, trusting relationships with her clients and prides herself on excellent customer service. Whether it’s developing the business or awarding her clients with significant results, Silvia is committed to offering only the best. Silvia is the finance director and a medical esthetician at Anti Aging Toronto Clinic. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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