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How Can You Boost Your Immune System Against Skin Problems?

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | October 9th, 2020 | Blog

Are you looking for ways to stay healthy inside and out during the pandemic? There’s a lot more you can do than just wash your hands with soap. Taking care of your body from the inside out has shown to have a tremendous impact on reducing skin problems and making you look healthy and vibrant. If you’ve been struggling with your skincare, these health tips to boost your immune system will help you improve your complexion and help you feel better overall.

Anti-Aging Skincare

Immune System and Age

As we age, more than just our appearance will change. Our immune response capability becomes reduced, which can lead to more infections and a higher risk of cancer. Although the life expectancy in developed countries like Canada and the United States has increased, age-related conditions have also become more prevalent.

While many people age with good health and maintain a youthful appearance, the risk of contracting infectious diseases and death is still much higher than for younger people. Some of these infections, such as influenza or the COVID-19 virus, are most likely to impact people over 65 around the world.

Since the risk of developing health issues increases with age, it is important to begin boosting your immune system right away. The sooner you get your body to optimal health and strength, the more equipped you will be to battle any condition that may come your way. Here are some tips for how you can start boosting your immune system today.

What Can You Do to Boost Your Immune System?

Eat More Fibre

Eating a varied diet with lots of high-fibre foods is key to boosting your immune system. You don’t need to be a vegetarian to be healthy, but the more raw plant-based foods you eat in your diet, the better. This is because the world of good microorganisms (microbiome) that live in your gut, and the ones that live on your skin, feed off fibre and fermented foods. Additionally, you will absorb essential immune-boosting vitamins like C from vegetables.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Especially during the pandemic, it’s important to have good hygiene. Washing your hands before and after you eat, using hand sanitizer when you cannot access soap and water, and taking daily showers can help keep you healthy.

Set Up an Exercise Routine

Research has shown that regular exercise is one of the pillars of healthy living. Not only does it make you feel good as you get a release of endorphins, it also improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, manages body weight, and protects against a plethora of diseases. Just like eating a healthy diet, exercise contributes to general good health and a healthy immune system. Since it contributes to good circulation, it allows the cells and substances of your immune system to move through the body as they need to so that they doe their job efficiently.

Set Up an Skincare Routine

Did you know that the largest organ in your body is your skin? Your skin absorbs every product you put on it, so following a beauty routine that takes care of your skin can help boost your immune system. One way that you can improve your beauty routine is by wearing sunscreen every time you go outside and by protecting your skin from extended sun exposure by wearing hats. It is also important to regularly cleanse and moisturize your skin to remove any buildup of oil and dirt from outside, as well as using medical-grade products, which ensure the quality of the ingredients. The key to a good beauty routine is staying hydrated and eating a well-balanced diet full of vitamins and nutrients. You will notice a huge difference in the appearance of your skin!

Some Healthy Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

Don’t Smoke

Smoking cigarettes weakens your immune system by depressing antibodies that protect against foreign invaders. Additionally, smoking is known to cause several serious diseases and respiratory infections. It harms the body and will make you look older by deteriorating the cells in your body. Quitting smoking is one of the best ways for you to start boosting your immune system.

Drink Alcohol in Moderation

Increased drinking makes people more susceptible to health issues like the flu and COVID-19. It also contributes to a variety of mental health disorders, that can increase vulnerability to other health problems. To boost your immune system, only have alcohol in moderation and avoid binge drinking.

Keep Stress Levels Down

Modern research has discovered a close link in the way our minds connect to our bodies. A wide variety of health problems including digestive issues, hives, and even heart disease are connected to emotional stress. Stress can also impact your immune system and scientists are actively studying this relationship. A good way to improve your immune system is to keep your stress levels as low as possible. This doesn’t mean masking your emotions and allowing them to pile up inside. It means finding healthy outlets for the stresses in your life and seeking therapy if you have severe stress or anxiety.

Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep is another important way to boost your immune system. Your body works full-time during the day, and at night it’s your time to rest and recover. Without getting enough sleep, your body gets overworked which compromises your immune system. No matter how busy your life is, prioritizing sleep is necessary to good health.

Take Vitamins and Supplements

Health stores have a variety of products that will increase your immune system and protect you from getting a virus or infection. Taking your probiotics, vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium daily are your baseline to a stronger immune system, although not your only options. Natural antibacterial such as colloidal silver or oregano oil are the source of many happy stories.

Get a Consultation at the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic

If you’re looking for holistic solutions to improve your anti-aging skincare routine, our professionals can help. While you take these steps to improve your health inside your body, we can provide you with anti-aging, fat loss, and skin improvement treatments.

The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic prides itself on using the latest clinical methods to give clients the beauty they deserve. We support our clients by helping them make informed decisions about their skincare and strive to provide the best rejuvenation and skin treatments in Toronto.

Feel free to contact us by phone at (416) 546-4664 or by e-mail at info@AntiAgingToronto.ca to ask any questions. If you want tips for maintaining healthy skin all year long, our experts and blog can help you! Our skincare specialists can also offer you a tour of our Toronto facilities.

With an MBA in computer science, Silvia started out in the IT field with proven success working on strategic initiatives with executive leaders to align an organization’s culture, capabilities, and structure, with business strategies. This career has lead her to a business path founding the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic in 2012. Silvia now holds a diploma in medical esthetics with interests in anti-aging skincare, evening out skin tone and texture, scalp hair regrowth, body contouring and laser hair removal treatments. Silvia believes in the importance of building open, trusting relationships with her clients and prides herself on excellent customer service. Whether it’s developing the business or awarding her clients with significant results, Silvia is committed to offering only the best. Silvia is the finance director and a medical esthetician at Anti Aging Toronto Clinic. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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