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Hidden Benefits of IV Therapy

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | November 15th, 2019 | Blog

Intravenous (IV) nutrition therapy is an effective and popular way to distribute nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants into the body by bypassing the digestive system. Essential ingredients are administered directly into the blood stream to have an immediate impact on the cells. There are many benefits of IV therapy and the reasons why it is becoming increasingly popular. One of these reasons is because IV drip therapy ensures 100% absorption for maximum effect and full use of your investment. Here are some important facts about IV therapy, as well as some of the benefits that you should know about.

Benefits of IV Therapy


What Is IV Therapy


IV therapy is a new, efficient way of supporting your body’s natural ability to heal and renew by delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream. It has become an effective treatment for people who experience constant fatigue, stress, digestive issues, and autoimmune diseases.

During the procedure, the patient will sit in comfortable seat and an IV drip will be administered. The treatment takes between 30 to 120 minutes and is pain-free, meaning the patient can relax while the drip is being administered. The frequency of treatment varies between weekly and monthly, depending on the needs of the patient among other factors such as their stress levels or immune challenges.


What Are the Benefits of IV Therapy?


There are many reasons why patients consider IV therapy. Here are some of the benefits of IV therapy:

  • Converts melanin to a light colour
  • Helps absorb iron
  • Prevents Vitamin C deficiency
  • Aids in depression, asthma and migraines
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Prevents muscle spasms
  • Promotes cardio health and hearing function
  • Improves endurance
  • Reduces accumulation of metabolic waste
  • Aids in fat breakdown
  • Provides the body with nutrition

Aside from these benefits mentioned above, there are some other fundamental benefits of IV therapy. Here are some to know about. 

No Pills or Medication to Take

Customized IV therapy allows patients to reduce their pill load. Instead of taking multiple vitamin supplements orally, they can schedule routine IV therapy sessions to reduce their costs overtime and quickly get the benefits that they need. 

Gives Fast Results

Most people who are prescribed vitamin supplements take them orally, which means that the nutrients need to be digested before they can be absorbed. For some supplements, it can take a few months for their effects to manifest. IV therapy bypasses the digestive system and distributes the vitamins directly into the patient’s cells, allowing the body to benefit from it immediately. Within several hours, patients will feel the effects of the IV therapy, as they will have more energy, more clarity of mind, and an improved mood.


Preventative Therapy


Despite advancements in science and technology, modern medicine still has a reactive approach and is quite ineffective in preventing disease and illnesses. This is why naturopathic medicine has become so popular. With IV therapy, the body quickly receives its proper amount of nutrients. This helps improve wellness by allowing the body to function as it was designed to, and it boosts the healing process to help the body function optimally.


Helps Burn Calories

Patients who are trying to lose weight and get in shape can benefit from IV therapy. The treatments are formulated with a unique blend of vitamins, fluids, and fat burning compounds that help the body breakdown fat naturally and promote the burning of calories. The treatments rehydrate your body and restore depleted vitamins that were lost during exercise. It helps boost your recovery between workouts so that you can push yourself to the limit.


Anti-Aging Results

IV therapy is not only beneficial to the inside of your body, but it also accentuates your outer beauty. The special blend contains vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that can strengthen and improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails. It detoxifies your body and helps to rejuvenate your appearance. Although there are topical creams and oils that can help your skin from the outside, IV therapy treats your body from the inside by targeting and removing free radicals which contribute to aging. The drips may also contain ingredients like biotin and glutathione which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, repair UV damage, and more.


Types of IV Therapies at the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic


The four types of IV cocktails provided at our clinic include the following:

  • Even Pigment: Made with glutathione and vitamin C, it converts melanin to a light colour, helps absorb iron, and prevents Vitamin C deficiency.
  • Wellness: Aids in depression, asthma, and migraines, as well as lowers blood pressure, prevent muscle spasms, and is an anti-inflammatory. This cocktail contains Myers Cocktail, magnesium, and calcium.
  • Calorie Burn: Aids in depression, asthma, and migraines and promotes cardio health, hearing function, improves endurance, and reduces accumulation of metabolic waste. With Myers Cocktail, L-Taurine, L-Carnitine, and methylcobalamin, it also aids in fat breakdown.
  • Anti-aging: Consisting of Myers Cocktail, calcium, magnesium, 7 Multitrace, and travasol, it aids in depression, asthma, and migraines and provides the body with nutrition.

Why Choose the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic for IV Therapy in Toronto?


The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic is one of the most reputable places to go for IV therapy in the Greater Toronto Area. Our IV therapy is administered by a certified nurse and we also offer a range of services that help you fight the signs of aging, naturally achieve fat loss, and establish a healthier quality of life.

We support our clients by helping them make wise, informed decisions about their health and skincare. Feel free to contact us by phone at (416) 546-4664 or by e-mail at info@AntiAgingToronto.ca to ask any questions. If you want more tips for maintaining your health and skincare, our experts and blog can help you! Our specialists can also offer you a tour of our Toronto facilities.

With an MBA in computer science, Silvia started out in the IT field with proven success working on strategic initiatives with executive leaders to align an organization’s culture, capabilities, and structure, with business strategies. This career has lead her to a business path founding the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic in 2012. Silvia now holds a diploma in medical esthetics with interests in anti-aging skincare, evening out skin tone and texture, scalp hair regrowth, body contouring and laser hair removal treatments. Silvia believes in the importance of building open, trusting relationships with her clients and prides herself on excellent customer service. Whether it’s developing the business or awarding her clients with significant results, Silvia is committed to offering only the best. Silvia is the finance director and a medical esthetician at Anti Aging Toronto Clinic. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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