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Everything You Need to Know about IV Therapy

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | November 28th, 2019 | Blog

Flu season is lingering and as the weather gets colder you may be seeking a way to boost your immune system, fight off the tiredness that comes from the lack of sun, and feel like your best self. Vitamin IV therapy is a great way to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to fight off the cold and operate at its best. Here is everything you need to know the pros and cons of vitamin IV therapy, how often you should get IV therapy, and more.

IV Therapy

What Is IV Therapy?

If you are wondering what IV therapy is, it is a new and effective way to improve your health. These quick, powerful vitamin injections boost the body’s natural healing and rejuvenation processes. Unlike herbal supplements, these injections deliver the nutrients you need directly to your bloodstream, so it can be absorbed immediately, rather than working its way through the digestive system. It also allows for more nutrients to be fed to the cells, rather than some getting wasted.

Why Is IV Therapy Used?

The main reason why people seek IV therapy is because their bodies aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients needed for optimal function. Symptoms like tiredness, sore muscles, dehydration, and stress are often caused by nutritional deficiencies. Since most people don’t get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, and lack exercise in their weekly routine, there is a greater need for fast and strong nutrient boosts. IV therapy provides the body with important nutrients like Vitamins A, C, D, E, calcium, magnesium, and more. IV therapy promotes general wellness and helps fight the stress and fatigue that is so common.

Does IV Therapy Help?

In hospitals, medicine and nutrients are delivered through IVs because they go directly into the patient’s bloodstream. This method is the fastest way to administer these important solutions into the body.

IV vitamin therapy delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a saline solution that goes straight into the bloodstream. The solution helps improve health because it allows the body to absorb much more of the solution. In fact, the body will absorb 100% of the cocktail, rather then what it would absorb by taking an oral supplement.

IV therapy is also beneficial because it allows the practitioner to customize the types and amounts of vitamins and nutrients to each patient. Patients can achieve their optimal health and wellness through this customized approach. If the patient has a nutritional imbalance or deficiency, the IV solution will boost the fighting power of the immune system for a healthier quality of life.

How Long Does IV Vitamin Therapy Take?

During your appointment, you will be seated comfortably in a chair. The length of time for the therapy is about 45 to 75 minutes. Depending on the needs of each patient, one or two sessions per week for several weeks may be recommended. However, some patients may need more than four sessions to notice an improvement—some patients with chronic fatigue, stress, or nutritional imbalances may need ongoing or periodic treatments to help their body get what it needs.

Benefits of IV Therapy

There are many reasons why IV therapy could be the solution you’re looking for to improve your health and wellness. Here are some of the IV therapy benefits:

  • Works as a preventative plan to stay well
  • Provides immediate results
  • Improves iron absorption
  • Prevents Vitamin C deficiency
  • Aids in migraines
  • Reduces stress
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Promotes cardio health
  • Aids in fat breakdown
  • Helps burn calories
  • Helps with aging

Types of IV Therapies

Here are the four types of IV therapy options we provide at the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic:

  • For Even Pigment: Converts melanin to a light colour, helps absorb iron, and prevents Vitamin C deficiency.
    Ingredients: Glutathione, Vitamin C
  • For Wellness: Aids in depression, asthma and migraines. Lowers blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory benefits, and prevents muscle spasms.
    Ingredients: Myers Cocktail, Magnesium, Calcium
  • For Calorie Burn: Aids in depression, asthma, and migraines. Promotes cardio health, hearing function, improves endurance, and reduces accumulation of metabolic waste. Aids in fat breakdown.
    Ingredients: Myers Cocktail, L-Taurine, L-Carnitine, Methylcobalamin
  • For Anti-Aging: Aids in depression, asthma, and migraines. Provides the body with nutrition.
    Ingredients: Myers Cocktail, Calcium, Magnesium, 7 Multitrace, Travasol

Who Shouldn’t Get IV Therapy?

The main concern you should have before seeking IV therapy is the clinic you choose. Choosing a clinic that does not have the proper licensed professionals and experience can lead to you getting an improperly formulated solution. The last thing you want is to have an ineffective solution or get a negative reaction because of an inexperienced person administering the IV. Always choose a reputable clinic with certified nurses to ensure the therapy is provided safely and properly.

Contact Anti Aging Toronto for IV Therapy

Looking for a reputable clinic to get IV therapy? The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic is one of the most reputable places in the Greater Toronto Area to get this effective treatment. Our IV therapy is administered by a certified nurse, so you can trust that you are getting proper care. In addition to IV therapy, we also offer a range of services that help you fight the signs of aging, naturally achieve fat loss, and establish a healthier quality of life.

We support our clients by helping them make wise, informed decisions about their health and skincare. Feel free to contact us by phone at (416) 546-4664 or by e-mail at info@AntiAgingToronto.ca to learn more about the cost of IV therapy and its benefits. Our specialists can also offer you a tour of our Toronto facilities.

With an MBA in computer science, Silvia started out in the IT field with proven success working on strategic initiatives with executive leaders to align an organization’s culture, capabilities, and structure, with business strategies. This career has lead her to a business path founding the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic in 2012. Silvia now holds a diploma in medical esthetics with interests in anti-aging skincare, evening out skin tone and texture, scalp hair regrowth, body contouring and laser hair removal treatments. Silvia believes in the importance of building open, trusting relationships with her clients and prides herself on excellent customer service. Whether it’s developing the business or awarding her clients with significant results, Silvia is committed to offering only the best. Silvia is the finance director and a medical esthetician at Anti Aging Toronto Clinic. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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