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Crow’s Feet Eye Wrinkle Reduction Treatment in Toronto

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | March 28th, 2014 | services


Non-Surgical Solution for Eye Wrinkles and Crows Feet


Wrinkles forming around the eyes, or “crow’s feet,” are an unavoidable part of aging, especially if you squint a lot. Getting a pair of glasses with the proper prescription and wearing sunglasses are a couple ways to reduce the look of eye wrinkles, but many turn to surgical eye wrinkle reduction treatment. But while it is effective, there is a recovery period and there may be scarring.


At Anti Aging Clinic, we offer crow’s feet reduction using radio frequency (RF) treatments to remove wrinkles from around your eyes without the risks and recovery period of surgery. It is a safe and effective treatment with low risks and we use the latest, 100% FDA-approved technology for our eye wrinkle reduction treatment.


RF (Radio Frequency) eye treatments will gradually eliminate wrinkles, with short or no recovery time and with a very low risk of complications. It will require multiple treatments in order to achieve long lasting results.


It will require several treatments to reduce the look of crow’s feet around your eyes, but at five minutes each, you can easily have the procedure performed on your lunch break. We recommend undergoing 20 weekly treatments to reduce the look of eye wrinkles. You’ll see results in as little as eight weeks!


Wrinkles are often caused by sun damage or smoking. To reduce your risk of developing further wrinkles after undergoing your treatment, we recommend wearing plenty of sunscreen, covering up, and most of all, butting out!


Eye Wrinkle Reduction Suggested Treatment


Our RF treatment is also highly effective at under-eye wrinkles treatment. Like crow’s feet, under-eye wrinkles form due to sun exposure and smoking. A lack of sleep may lead to under-eye wrinkles as well.


Surgery is one option for under-eye wrinkles treatment, but this can involve risks: a long recovery period, as well as scarring. With RF treatment, you’ll have wrinkles removed safely and effectively with little or no downtime.


Best of all, if you are undergoing treatment for crow’s feet, a non-surgical facelift, or double-chin reduction, under-eye wrinkle removal can be added to your treatment! Erase years from your face in 20 weekly five-minute treatments. Having consistent, weekly treatments is the key to success. Our under-eye wrinkles treatment easily fits with your busy lifestyle; stop by Anti Aging Clinic’s conveniently located office on your lunch break or on your way home.

Our procedure is nearly risk-free. You will not believe after 8 weeks how much younger you look.


Frequently asked questions on Eye Wrinkle Reduction

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