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Common Misconceptions About Skin Pigmentation

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | November 10th, 2021 | Blog

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Your skin is as unique as your personality. It has a distinctive genetic makeup that determines what it looks like and how it develops over time. This makes it susceptible to various skin conditions and tonalities.

External environmental factors like UV exposure, dust, allergens, dirt, and oil can also cause skin conditions such as pigmentation to develop. Internal elements such as hormonal imbalances, side effects of certain medications, symptoms of certain illnesses, as well as age and acne spots can also alter the appearance of your skin.

There are a lot of skin pigmentation treatment options available, but it’s important to know what you’re dealing with first. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about skin pigmentation and how to treat it.

Sun Exposure Isn’t an Issue

Prolonged sun exposure can lead to UV damage and even accelerate the aging process, leading to darker patches on your skin. If you’re a beach bum or just love tanning all year-round, you may want to reconsider some of your skincare choices and double up on the sunscreen as much as possible.

Pregnancy-Related Pigmentation Is Permanent

Pregnancy causes severe hormonal imbalances throughout your body. A heightened level of estrogen and progesterone running through your system can result in hormone-related skin hyperpigmentation known as Melasma. But pregnancy isn’t the only cause of Melasma—birth control and other types of hormonal imbalances can also be the culprit. Fortunately, this isn’t a permanent condition and tends to fade away on its own post-pregnancy or once you’ve found the right hormone balance for your body.

Genetic Skin Pigmentation Is Inevitable

Sometimes, genetics can play a major role in the appearance of your skin. As much as you’re naturally predisposed to developing certain genetic skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do anything to stop it. Taking good care of your health and following a good skincare routine can stave off a lot of the effects of hyperpigmentation and keep your skin looking clear and fresh.

Darker Skin Tones Are Immune to Skin Pigmentation

Actually, the opposite is true. People with darker skin tones, particularly women, are usually more prone to developing hyperpigmentation or dark patches on their skin than people with lighter skin tones. This is because they naturally have darker pigments in their skin and prolonged sun exposure or lack of proper skincare can exacerbate melanin levels in certain parts of the skin.

Acne and Pigmentation Are Unrelated

Acne causes inflammation in the skin, which forces a natural immune response to rid the affected area of contaminants and repair the skin cells. The result is typically what’s known as post-inflammatory pigmentation spots or acne scars. The good news is that proper acne treatment in Toronto can reduce the appearance of this form of hyperpigmentation.

All Laser Treatments Work on Hyperpigmentation

Not all skin pigmentation removal laser treatments are the same. The appropriate type of laser treatment for your skin depends on the underlying cause of the hyperpigmentation. Only when the cause is determined can it be effectively addressed and treated. It’s important to get your skin carefully examined by a licensed and experienced skincare specialist, so that they can make the right laser skin pigmentation treatment recommendations for you.

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