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Anti Aging Toronto Clinic Promotes Research into PRP Hair Restoration

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | March 10th, 2016 | Press

Toronto, Canada, March 10, 2016 – The Anti Aging Clinic (, a Toronto-based provider of hair and skin restoration treatments, is raising awareness of scientific research into how platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy can have clinical applications for hair restoration. PRP therapy is a restorative treatment that uses a patient’s own blood to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms.


“PRP has an established ability to promote wound healing and restore youthfulness to the face while helping to mend wrinkles and other cosmetic defects,” notes Silvia Derasner, medical aesthetician and co-founder of the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic. “But research is still being conducted on other possible applications.”


One such application is in the use of PRP to promote hair growth and restoration. The study in question was a placebo-controlled, randomized trial to assess PRP treatment for patterned hair loss. (Source: Gentile, P., et. al. “The Effect of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Hair Regrowth: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial.” Stem Cells Translational Medicine 4, no. 11 (published online September 23, 2015),


“Hair density and overall hair count improved noticeably—a rough average of 45.9 hairs per square centimetre of scalp,” recounts Derasner.


The study conducted three treatments spaced 30 days apart and saw marked improvement in the thickness of the skin and blood vessel formation, along with new follicles.


“Most tellingly,” Derasner adds, “is that this is hardly the first study to show such a result. Consistency is integral to scientific reliability and so far the data—from both animal and human trials—has shown PRP to be a solid clinical approach to hair loss treatment.”


The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic has been treating clients with platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair loss for some time. It is hoped that raising awareness of the scientific evidence for the procedure can help improve consumer confidence in this relatively new mode of treatment.


The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic is a Toronto-based skincare clinic. It has been a pioneer in implementing modern technological and clinical treatments as part of its goal to be the best skincare clinic in the city. More information can be found at

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