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Anti Aging Clinic Changing the Lives of People with Acne and Acne Scars

Posted By: Lic. Silvia Derasner | July 15th, 2014 | Blog

Without being fatal, acne can be an incredibly damaging disease for those who suffer through its symptoms. It decreases self-esteem, induces anxiety, and can cause depression. With as much as 85% of Canadian teenagers and young adults (12–24) dealing with this skin disease, it is a major issue at a critical and most impressionable time of people’s lives.


Acne is a distressed skin condition that results in inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions. While commonly associated with teenage and adolescent skin, it affects up to 12% of people into their forties. In addition, up to 25% of people who have suffered acne will have permanent scars, ranging from light to severe.


An excess of oil buildup is one of the major causes of acne and it affects every race and gender equally. We’ve been working on a treatment here at Anti Aging Clinic called “Acne Spectra” and have discovered a process that has so far garnered some amazing feedback. The treatment is designed to control the oil production in the sebaceous glands and diminish or eliminate the occurrence of acne, dramatically reducing the appearance of acne scars.


But countless medical clinics and dermatologists have claimed to have breakthroughs with super-products they claim can successfully treat acne. We feel it’s best, then, to have you hear some of the stories from actual Anti Aging Clinic patients that have tried our treatment:


• Kristin M. was born in Germany and had been spending half an hour each morning since the age of 12 applying a heavy layer of foundation to cover up her acne. She is going back to Germany after doing four Acne Spectra treatments with Anti Aging Clinic, and her dream was to have breakfast with her mom with a clean face and no makeup; nobody in her family had seen her without makeup since she was 12. Kristin came to the clinic with no makeup last Saturday and told us that her dream came true, though she is still adjusting to the rewards of living this new makeup-free lifestyle.


• Nicole B. also recently completed her third Acne Spectra treatment with Anti Aging Clinic. During this session, Kim, Nicole’s mom, was telling us how happy she was with Nicole’s higher self-esteem, and Nicole was sharing her excitement on how she can now brighten up her eyes and her smile instead of retreating behind the delusion of makeup to cover-up her acne. She added that even her father, who doesn’t notice anything, has acknowledged the improvements on her skin.


• Christine H. is a regular client of the Anti Aging Clinic. She came for her second Acne Spectra treatment with her sister and shared with us that although she still has a few pimples, she immediately noticed how much more balanced her skin was after the first treatment. Christine was telling us that before using Acne Spectra, she would put on her makeup in the morning, only for it to run down her face after half an hour. But after the first Acne Spectra treatment, the morning makeup application is now lasting until the evening. Christine then generously purchased the three-Acne-Spectra treatment package for her sister as a birthday gift.


• Claire R. summarizes it perfectly on our Facebook page: “I’ve had two sessions of this treatment already and it’s been brilliant. After one session I rarely got acne and it is reducing one of my acne scars I’ve had for years.”


As you can see, the results of Anti Aging Clinic’s Acne Spectra treatment goes beyond simply clearing up the physical damage left by the skin disease; it also helps to rebuild self-esteem and leaves people feeling comfortable stepping into the world to express themselves without the social stigma that acne can render. Anti Aging Clinic encourages anyone suffering from acne or acne scars to visit our web site at www.AntiAgingToronto.ca.

With an MBA in computer science, Silvia started out in the IT field with proven success working on strategic initiatives with executive leaders to align an organization’s culture, capabilities, and structure, with business strategies. This career has lead her to a business path founding the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic in 2012. Silvia now holds a diploma in medical esthetics with interests in anti-aging skincare, evening out skin tone and texture, scalp hair regrowth, body contouring and laser hair removal treatments. Silvia believes in the importance of building open, trusting relationships with her clients and prides herself on excellent customer service. Whether it’s developing the business or awarding her clients with significant results, Silvia is committed to offering only the best. Silvia is the finance director and a medical esthetician at Anti Aging Toronto Clinic. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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